With a gleam in her eyes and a warm smile on her face, she stands on the doorway, her arms open to give us a tender hug as we run into her. Time flew by, we stopped running to her during vacation and choose to walk and later only dropped by to say a ‘Hi’ and left. But she always stood by the doorway waiting for us. A grandmother’s love for her grandchildren and her surroundings is eternal and is expressed by her in more ways than one.


For us during childhood visiting our grandmother during the vacations would have been the best part as there were lots of experiences and adventures in store for us. As we entered her home wafts of Thattais being fried filled the air. She would have prepared sweets the day before and kept them stored in steel containers. She would take us into her kitchen, open the steel container and give us a sweet treat. Our joy after eating it would know no bounds as we knew that it was the first treat and definitely not the last.

Our grandmothers know that our health comes first. Every snack they made was balanced out with a healthy meal. They would let us stuff our mouths with ghee-laden Mysorepak and then would make us Ragi Dosa for dinner. We would proceed to lick the plate clean as when knew there was another treat waiting for us.

Another trait all grandmothers have is environmental consciousness. During their time plastics and polymers were not in the market and they used bio-degradable products. They would offer neivedhiyam to the deities and distribute the prasad in Mandharai Elai dhonnai(bowls made of Bauhinia leaves). They would serve breakfast in Mandharai Elai leaves. They would carry flowers to the temple in Paaku Mattai(Areca nut Stalk). They would also store grocery in jute sacks. Even with the change in time, they continued to embrace nature. Grandmothers seldom use plastic products and prefer to go the traditional route. 

In the name of modernity, we have harmed the planet in every way possible. With the recent changes in law, it is time we adopt nature-friendly practices. At Sweet Karam Coffee we have decided to follow the footsteps of our grandmothers and have introduced eco-friendly tableware like Paaku Mattai plates and bowls, the aforementioned Mandharai Elai products and jute bags. Go back to your roots, get the traditional tableware from our store @ sweeetkaramcoffee.in - 

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V. Vasudevan

Awesome story, Remembering my Grandma.

January 8, 2019 at 09:54am

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