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  • Homemade Podi - The Secret To The Heavenly Foods 

  • It is a well-known fact that Podis are a must ingredient in any curry if you want it to be loved by everyone. The different types of podis are popular in South India and all around the country. In North India, these podis are called masalas and are equally loved and fondly used in every household. Our India is known for its wide variety of organic spices and condiments. And there are even more varieties of podis and masala powders from different states in our country. Each state produces special podis and masalas that are authentic to their state’s flavours. Every region has their unique blend of masalas which is why Indian cuisine is so famous worldwide and loved equally. Each region has their favourite mix of masala that it can use to add flavour to its food.

    This homemade podis made with so much love in our Indian kitchens are one of the few things we cannot say no to. Homemade masalas are an important characteristic of our flavourful curries that are widely popular and known worldwide. The taste, aroma and colour added to these dishes are something a food lover cannot resist trying.

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    How are homemade podis and masala powders made?

    Our Indian kitchens produce this magic of blending and mixing organic spices such as turmeric, sesame, curry leaves, cloves, red chillies, coconut, and dried herbs like coriander and mint. These various spices have become an integral part of Indian cuisine and the blends produced from these too.

    Making podis is no rocket science, it is a fairly easy process. All you need is the necessary ingredients, and you are good to go. The above-mentioned can be easily found in almost every Indian household. Each ingredient is first roasted in a dry pan or adding some oil on low flame to prevent it from burning and cook until it is optimally roasted and ready to be powdered.

    Different podis are differently produced and consumed differently as well. There is a wide range of varieties in podis, differing from region to region and within regions. Let’s look at some of the varied homemade podis and masala powders.

    What are the popular homemade podis and masala powders in India?

    Idly Milagai podi, also colloquially known as gunpowder, is a widely used podi in every south Indian household. It is a delicious homemade podi in every tiffin eatery in the south. Add any from the oils, ghee onto this powder, mix it with your finger, and enjoy every bite with idlis or dosas. You will taste every burst of spice in each bite with this finger-licking good podi, and you will be left wanting more!

    Ellu podiis also called sesame powder, and as the name suggests, sesame seeds are the main ingredient used to produce this homemade podis. There are black and white seeds, which can be used based on individual tastes. Take an adequate amount of sesame seeds, urad dal and chana dal and roast it until it is golden brown and develops an aroma. Add some roasted red chillies to the mix and wait until it is ready to be powdered.

    Paruppu podi Paruppu means dals in English. Chana dal and toor dal are the two main ingredients used to make this podi. The other ingredients you can add to make it even more flavourful are red chillies, asafoetida, cumin seeds, curry leaves, etc. To retain its colour, keep stirring it on a low flame and grind it to a powder form.

    Garlic podialso known as garlic gun powder, is used in many households and adds various flavours to your curries and recipes. The garlic podi is produced by frying a dozen or two garlic cloves in a pan with a bit of oil. Urad dal, dry red chillies and asafoetida are also roasted before grinding fried garlic cloves. You can add dried coconut to this blend to add more flavours.

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