Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g  - Free Shipping Across India
Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g  - Free Shipping Across India
Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g  - Free Shipping Across India
Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g  - Free Shipping Across India

Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g

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Order 100% Gluten Free Karupatti (Palm Jaggery) Mysore Pak and Other Jaggery Based Sweets Online from Sweet Karam Coffee

Karupatti Mysorepa An absolute no-guilt Melter!

It is a given that the very mention of the name Mysore Pak salivates our taste buds and mind goes into a frenzy! It is believed that traditional Mysore Pak was first discovered accidentally (yes accidentally!) by late chef Kakasura Madappa, who was working in the Mysuru kingdom centuries ago. The then ruler Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV named it "Mysore Pak". We cannot thank him enough for the sweet accident! 

Our healthier version of the royal Mysore Pak is made with flavorful Gram flour, Palm Jaggery, Brown Sugar, Ghee, Refined Sunflower Oil, aromatic Cardamom powder Milk Powder.

The craze for the crunchy traditional Mysore Pak is there for many people. This sweet is still served in weddings and other events. During festivals, we as kids sit with our grandmothers to prepare this sweet and enjoy helping them in making it. We feel content and proud, when we eat those sweets as we helped in preparing it. 

Get a taste of tradition with our homemade traditional Karupatti Mysore Pak and travel back in time to your Golden Childhood days relishing our delights that taste just like your Grandma's preparation! 

White Sugar Free | Zero Preservatives | Homemade


Gram Flour, Palm Jaggery, Brown sugar, Refined Sunflower Oil, Ghee, Milk Powder, Cardamom Powder

How to use:

Ready to eat

Shelf Life: 

25 days 


Refrigeration must


Healthy Snack Sweet product returns are not available considering the high maintenance required. Any damages / Spoilt/quality issues, the complaint should be raised within 6 hours of delivery.


Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Sankarasubramanian Babu
NPS score:
Likes: Really it made us to think homemade products... your mixture and wheat alwa are fantabulous.
Improvements: Make it 100% ... the taste should be better in Maa Laadu ( Sushwad laadu's are the best, can check if you don't mind)
Sweet but not 100% satisfied

The piece portions are satisfied and also the taste but it's not a pure or 100% Palm Jaggery. Not highly satisfied or made us to buy it again.
If you don't mind, please check the Krishna sweet Palm Jaggery items (especially their Karuppatti Halwa)... those are fabulous products and our favorites too

Arunachalam Rajagopalan
NPS score:
Likes: Good response
Improvements: More items required for sugar free items


Shankari Reddy
NPS score:
Likes: authentic, tasty

Palm Jaggery (Karupatti) Mysorepak 200g