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Nendran Banana Chips 190g (Pack of 2x95g)

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Like the smell of petrichor when rain hits the ground, like the earthly smell of fresh grass, like the smell of coffee brewed in morning , one another smell that touches soul is when nenthiram chips are fried in groundnut oil. 

When someone talks about Kerala Cuisine image of this yellow colured crunchy crispy chips comes to our mind. No wonder this highly addictive gold coins are famous worldwide.

Locally known as Upperi and to rest of the world as Nenthiram chips this is a delicacy of Kerala and Nagercoil area of Tamilnadu. This salted crispy bites form a part of Onam sadya.

Traditionally nenthiram chips are made by house chefs, grandmothers. Nowadays it is often store bought. Transmission of unripe Nenthiram to crispy coins is a feast to all senses of body. Made with very few raw ingredients nenthiram chips inculcate the taste based on the variety of nenthiram used. 


Nendran Banana, Refined Coconut oil,  Salt. 

How to Use:

Ready to eat

Shelf life:

30 days

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool and dry place in an air tight container


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Nendran Banana Chips 190g (Pack of 2x95g)

Likes: Good service
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More crunchy food

Smells and clean and tastes great.

Vaishali S.
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Best quality

Nendran banana chips are too quality..not oily at all n so crispy