Republic Day is all about celebrating the democratic values, the richness and rights we have over our thoughts, actions, and freedom, and a day to celebrate the unity we have amidst all our diversities.

Well, let’s not make it boring further! 

We have been reading everything about our Republic Day and Independence Day right from the 6th grade. But this post is not just about it. And today is just not about it.

At Sweet Karam Coffee, there hasn’t been a day that has passed by for us without feeling amazed by the love we receive for desi, authentic snacks - using ingredients native to our soil like whole millets, supporting our farmers, and avoiding palm oil - all to celebrate the diversity of India.

This republic day, we wanted to give back to our valuable community who gave us a lot of love and support for us, and for all the local farmers, and local ingredients that make India what it is.

It showed us that despite being diverse, being born and raised in different parts of India (and the world as well), we may constantly seem to be picking up each other on mispronouncing Dosé/dosha/dosa the wrong way, or over the right way to pronounce. (or we can be seen debating over Mysore masala dosa and aloo paratha)

But at the end of the day, we bond over the love for our Paati’s murukkus, Mysore Pak, Athirasam, and mixture. 

The bottom line is just like how these diverse ingredients and dishes unite us, our diversity makes India stronger. This Republic Day, let us celebrate the spirit of unity!

Okay, well! As Janaki Paati's grandkids, we do have the responsibility to make you aware about how significant of a difference it makes when we step up to support the local farmers and native ingredients.

This Republic Day, do your bit too - grab our best-selling no-palm oil, whole millet snacks, and traditional sweets for 26% off!

Celebrate the richness in these diverse flavors that are intrinsically Indian, just like our values of unity. Happy Republic Day!

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