“Romance is in the air” as Valentine’s Day approaches, and our beloved Janaki Paati has prepared some fiery tips to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

“The key is thoughtful sweets made with care,” says Paati with a wink. 

She nostalgically remembers the early days of her romance with Thatha. Regardless of their stage of relationship Thatha never failed to gift Paati a small box of homemade laddus on Valentine’s Day - infused with cardamom, saffron, and his deep affection. That might sound old school and cliche but it always stood apart from all the other Valentine’s Day gifts. 

“Those sweets said ‘I love you’ more clearly than any words,” Paati says. 

Even 60 years later, Paati shares with us all those memories with her bright eyes beaming with love, pride, and happiness all at the same time.

This Valentine’s Day, Paati wants to help you pick the perfect gift to delight your loved ones too. “Food cooked with quality ingredients and personal touches becomes a love letter from the heart!” exclaims Paati. 

For Partners: Our Premium Valentine's Day Gift Box

Paati suggests our premium Valentine’s Day gift box for your partner or spouse, brimming with luxurious offerings like Wheat Halwa, Traditional Mysore Pak, Athirasam, Classic Seedai, Kara Boondhi, and much more! Each treat is handcrafted from Paati’s treasured recipes. This surprise will thrill their tastebuds and touch their heart.

For Galentine Friends: Valentine's Day Special Combo - Mini Gift Box

“Don’t forget your best girlfriends on Valentine’s day!” reminds Paati. 

She recommends our featuring delicious Ribbon Pakoda, Classic Seedai, Athirasam, Traditional Mysore Pak, and every treat celebrating sisterhood. 

Your friends will adore these thoughtfully chosen bites sized for sharing at a Galentine’s Day get-together or gifted individually with a loving note. 

For Family: Our Janaki Paati’s signature collection 

To double the love this Valentine's, Paati suggests her signature collection to delight your family and kids. 

Brimming with the special madras mixture, kai murukku, manogaram, mini seedai, and much more her signature collection combines all the flavors that scream home and authenticity.

The perfect way to shower your family with love and nutrition because Paati says a strict no to Palm oil, preservatives, and artificial flavors.

Paati reminds us that Valentine’s Day is for cherishing all our loved ones. 

Gifting sweets from the heart can lift anyone’s spirits to cloud nine! Try her gifting recommendations to spread the affection.

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