From the Diaries of Janaki Paati: Back to School Memories



School is back, and so are my nostalgic feelings about my school days. Seeing education being very accessible these days, makes me look back on how hard it was for me and my friends to go to school. 

Parents and relatives back then felt education wasn't so necessary, and they would prefer a girl's child staying at home, helping her mom and her younger siblings, rather than going to school and learning.

Let me take you back to those days. Picture a small village, where the streets were dusty, and the houses were humble. Amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, a young girl named Janaki dreamed of holding a pencil and opening the gates of knowledge. My thirst for learning was insatiable, but the path was riddled with obstacles.

"Amma, please let me go to school," I would plead, my eyes brimming with determination. Despite being a rarity back then, my persistence eventually won her over, and she became my greatest ally.

And fast-forward to me being a mom, I would watch them go to school with all the excitement, and my eyes filled with pride and glee. The joy of seeing my children do wonders in their academics with such enthusiasm was indescribable.

Every day, as they rushed out the door, backpacks in tow, I would lovingly pack their school tiffins with a variety of homemade delights. A steaming idli, smeared with a dollop of freshly ground coconut chutney, a crispy masala vada, or a couple of piping hot adhirasams – these were not just snacks but vessels carrying the love and blessings of generations past.

Being a grandmom, I would say, is the coolest thing. Knowing their favorite treats, I would stay up late, packing their favorite lunches – from piping hot bisibelabath to after-school snacks that made them run back home in a hurry. The aroma of freshly fried ribbon pakodas or the crunch of seedai would fill the kitchen, enticing their senses and leaving them eagerly awaiting the treasures that awaited in their tiffin boxes.

I would sit along with my grandkids in the living room, and sometimes they would accompany me and watch me prepare their favorite thattai, ribbon pakoda, and seedai, sitting at the kitchen counter, curiously asking me questions about the dish. The best part? We always took turns asking questions. I'd ask them about their day at school, the names of their best friends, their teachers, and their favorite game during playtime. And they would bug me with all sorts of questions about everything from land to the sky!

The back-to-school season always gives me a fresh tide of nostalgia and, most importantly, energy. Spending all day every day during the vacation with my grandkids, preparing their favorite snacks is the only motivation for me to look forward to every day.

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With love and warm wishes,

Janaki Paati

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