Avakkai or Avakkaya as it is called in its birthplace Andhra Pradesh is one of the most traditional & sought after pickle that you would find in your grandmother's kitchen especially when you belong to South India.

Summers are synonymous with Mangoes & the pre-ripened Mangoes are handpicked for preparing Avakkai. These pre-ripened mangoes are cut into medium size pieces and pickled with powdered mustard seeds, salt, gingelly oil & fenugreek and marinated for more than two weeks and usually stored in huge ceramic jars in traditional households. The process of preparation, storage and serving is considered almost a ritual


As vivid (read as ‘verithanam’ in our colloquial Tamil slang) Avakkai lovers ourselves here at Sweet Karam Coffee, the last thing we wanted on any Avakkai bottle opened with eagerness is the smell of Vinegar, and it completely puts us off, isn’t it? Avakkai is like a Number 3 batsman in a Test match with very high accountability and reliability at stake! And mind you, everything in Avakkai has to be perfect like the right mixture of saltiness, tanginess, the hotness of the chilies, flavor of the oil used, amount of oil for shelf life, so on and so forth. And here we are, with our best tried and tested homemade Special Avakkai pickle. (Thank heavens!) 

Our Special Avakkai is a go-to for typical bachelors who live out of their homes & working women. All they need to do after a long and tired day is to have some hot rice, a bit of gingelly oil or ghee and a spoon of Special Avakkai and the dinner is done, followed by the finisher (No prices for guessing – the ubiquitous Curd rice!)

We here at Sweet Karam Coffee are huge fan boys of our Grandmas making us sit around her and rolling this Avakkai rice balls into our palms (feels so nostalgic, seriously! <3) Avakkai is so special that it can make a clichéd Rava upma satisfying. (Husbands will now go gaga!) Guess what, even our North Indian friends will find their Parathas interesting with our Special Avakkai! (Eureka moment!)

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating” is an adage. Try our Special Avakkai and it will be worth your salt.

Also, try our other variant here Andhra Spl Avakkai Pickle

#HappinessIsHomemade #Avakkai 

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3 thoughts on “Homemade Avakkai - Heaven In A Jar


I want Avakkai 1 kg. What is the price

August 1, 2020 at 21:19pm

I need Avakkai mango pickle half a kg i.e 500gms. Please let me know the price so that I can order

August 1, 2020 at 21:19pm
Mani Sridharan

Have you started deliveries to Mumbai

August 1, 2020 at 21:19pm

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