Oosi Thenkuzhal (Crispy thin Murukku)  - Free Shipping Across India
Oosi Thenkuzhal (Crispy thin Murukku)  - Free Shipping Across India

Oosi Thenkuzhal (Crispy thin Murukku)

Crunchy and Tasty
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Variants: Oosi Thenkuzhal (Crispy thin Murukku)


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Though we adopt our taste buds to local availability, tradition plays a major role. Traditional snacks not just reach our taste buds but remain entwined with  our heart and memories. Oosi Thenkuzhal is a traditional snack made and enjoyed by our ancestors. 

Oosi Thenkuzhal is a super crispy, needle thin savory snack. It is lighter to teeth for elders. 

Oosi Thenkuzal is famous in Kongu region. It is made with rice and urad flour mixed with small quantity of butter for that crunchiness , asafoedita and cumin seeds for the tantalizing smell. Oosi Thenkuzhal is made in omapodi achu which results in super crunchy, super thin snack.

Oosi Thenkuzal is a healthy, wholesome snack and is perfect with your tea time snack. This no onion, no garlic deli is quiet easy to make but not many kitchens have seen it recent days.


Raw Rice Flour, Urad Dal, Jeera, Asafoetida, Groundnut Oil, Butter, Salt

How to Use:

Ready to eat

Shelf life:

30 days

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool and dry place in an air tight container

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Balan Ganapathy
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Tasty snack. Should have been in oil for some more time to give light red colour. All your items are too expensive.

Aparna Sahakari
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Good taste , good quality.

Girija V
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Likes: Taste like home made.very tasty but little bit expensive.

Oosi Thenkuzhal (Crispy thin Murukku)