80:20 Filter Coffee Powder (20% Chicory) 250g.

80:20 Filter Coffee Powder (20% Chicory) 250g

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Order 80-20 Filter Coffee Powder (20% Chicory) and other Homemade Podis Online with  Door Delivery across India

Ingredients: Coffee 80%, Chicory 20%

Chicory coffee tastes similar to pure coffee but has a flavor that's often described as slightly woody and nutty. Chicory roots are baked, ground, and often used as an additive. Native to Eurasia, chicory is grown all over the world. It also adds thickness and volume to the brewed decoction.

The French were forced to use the Chicory plant's roots instead of coffee in the early 19th century, as Napoleon's Continental Blockade made coffee inaccessible for much of the country (Imagine that boring world!)

Even after the blockade was lifted, people in France continued to add the ground root to their coffee‚¬‚¬�they believed it improved its flavor and improved their overall health.

Some studies have shown that chicory could improve bowel function and reduce constipation. It also contains inulin, which could help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Studies show that inulin may decrease insulin resistance and lower blood sugar.

Filter coffee goes well with our favorite dosas, idlis, and bajjis. Be it the rains or a hot summer break. The tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee with home foods frying fresh is a match made in heaven.

Cheers to the divine drink! 




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Uthara Venky
Coffee powder20/80%

👍👍👍Very good and flavorful.Liked it very much.I am sure all coiffed lovers will like it.

Swarna Lakshmi

Excellent coffee powder quality is top most

Excellent coffee powder

Coffee powder 80:20 is simply very nice and we enjoy it each day