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Manogaram (Sweet Murukku)

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190 g

Variants: Manogaram (Sweet Murukku)

Packs: Pack of 2 (95 g x 2)

Pack of 2 (95 g x 2)
200 g (Pack)

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Manogaram, the sweet murukku has its firm roots in many joyous occasions. This traditional and conventional sweet is a soft, spongy and sweet version of murukku. 

Manam Silirthal Manogaram goes an old saying, which when translated make Manogaram when one is happy from heart. Quiet popular in Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh , Manogaram is a must during festivals like Janmashtami and Karthigai deepam. In many communities in Tamilnadu it a practice to make Manogaram for occasions like weddings, house warming, seemandham etc in the form of Paruppu Thengai.  Paruppu thengai is a conical shape casing filled with any of the sweet like Manogaram,Mysorepa,Kadalai urundai. It is considered auspicious.


Raw rice flour, Urad Dal, Jaggery, Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Cardamom.

Available Packs:

190 g | 200 g 

Shelf Life: 180 days

Manogaram is a classic combo of sweet and savory taste. The pinch of cardamom and Sukku brings melody to the mouth. Mildly salted murukku is dunked in jaggery syrup which makes the dish crunchy.  Manogaram has a good shelf life and it makes perfect choice for sending sweets to dear ones living far.

Manogaram was traditionally prepared at home but now making of Manogaram and Paruppu Thengai are almost lost skills.

We at SweetKaramCoffee know the essence and emotion behind this sweet dish. Order Manogaram online now and Travel Back in Time to your Golden Childhood Days relishing our delights that taste just like your Grandma's preparation.


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Pack of 2 (95 g x 2), 200 g (Pack)


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Manogaram (Sweet Murukku)

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Manogaram (Sweet Murukku) Pack of 2 (95 g x 2)