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Marinated Chilli Crisps (Mor Milagai) 150g

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Homemade | Zero Preservatives


Green Chillies, Curd, Salt

How to use:

Fry it in oil directly and consume

Shelf Life:

90 days

Storage Instructions:

Store it in a cool and dry place in an air-tight container

Mor Milagai - A perfect partner for curd rice - Do you like curd rice? Then, you would definitely like Mor Milagai. Mor Milagai literally translated as Buttermilk Chillies, which are dried variety of green chillies.

A south indian meal is never complete without having curd/buttermilk rice. The best side dish for curd/buttermilk rice is mor milagai. Mor Milagai (Buttermilk chillies) are prepared in almost every household in the olden days during summer and will be used across all seasons. At Sweet Karam Coffee, best of fresh green chillies are sourced and soaked in salted buttermilk and then it is sundried in the hygienic environment. Once it is dried, it is then stored in the containers and packed accordingly.

Traditional dishes at Sweet Karam Coffee

We evolve along with time and due to the fast paced life, we miss a lot of homemade dishes. Be it sweets, snacks and other healthy food items. Nowadays, we purchase it in the markets where the authenticity is lost compared to the dishes we had in our early days. Along with that adulteration is the biggest worry. This is where Sweet Karam Coffee comes to help you in getting the authentic homemade food products prepared in traditional methods in hygienic conditions. With decades of experience in cooking, our homechefs give attention to details for all the dishes they prepare. Our existing customers are our brand ambassadors for our products. Our ingredients are fresh and pure and so are our products. Try out our no onion no garlic snacks. With delivery across India, you can select the products of your choice from the range of items available in our online store, here.


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