You can drive for roughly 100 kilometers in any direction in India and be amazed by the difference in food and its uniqueness to the terrain and culture of that place. India’s cuisine is influenced by the country's diverse local cultures and traditions. These have had an impact on the cuisine in general. South and East India are recognized for their rice-based diets, but North India is known for its wheat-based diets. The key crops that grow in the region also impact the variety of cuisines. India's menus have become even more diverse as each region has its collection of Indian cuisine. 

Indian cuisine and homemade food always manage to satisfy people's palates worldwide, which is something to be proud of. With so many varied diversities, India has a vast range of snacks that are popular both within and internationally. 

Sweet Karam Coffee has compiled a list of 19 Indian delicacies/snacks that are famous globally. Have a look!

1. Murukku 


Murukku is a crispy famous Indian snack prepared from rice flour, urad dal, and bean flour mixed into a spiral-shaped batter and deep-fried in oil. These savory nibbles are spiced with cumin, onion powder, or chili. It has its origin in Tamil Nadu. Murukku is a traditional Indian snack for festivals such as Diwali, Krishna Jayanti, and Vinayaka Chaturthi.

2. Khakhra


Khakhra is a delicious, crispy flatbread that originated in Gujarat, India. It is prepared with wheat flour, mat bean, and oil. Widely popular as a healthy Indian snack and is most often eaten in morning breakfast. So, to savor the best of its taste. Khakhra can also be a sweet snack by sprinkling it with ghee and sugar.

3. Sev


The savory, crispy Indian noodle-like snack made with gram flour and seasoned with spices like ajwain and turmeric before being deep-fried in oil traces its origin in the land of North India. It is now widely popular across every corner of the country. The word Sev is thought to be derived from the word sew, which means stitching, and refers to the snack's thread-like appearance. It is a popular Indian snack with its presence even abroad among Indians and is second only to peanuts as the most popular food. Some are as thick as spaghetti and hot, while others are extremely thin and unseasoned.

4. Bhel

Bhelpuri is a savory delicacy found in street carts across India. Puffed rice, ground nuts, potatoes, onions, and chilis are among the most regularly utilized ingredients. The dish is a beach snack or comfort food. Order the best quality traditional Bhel from Sweet Karam Coffee, and we will deliver it to your doorstep.

5. Papadum


Papadum is a thin, crispy cracker bread prepared with lentil, gram, rice, or chickpea flour. It can be eaten on its own, with pickles, or served with other foods, such as curries, as a utensil for scooping up the dish. Along with hot tea, papadum can be served with chutneys or raita sauce. With its popularity, there are some variations of the dish, such as rice papadum, which is boiled in water and dried in the sun; masala papadum, which is spiced with black pepper, chili, cumin, and garlic; and jackfruit papadum, which is made with jackfruit and chickpea flour and is popular in Karnataka.

6. Dry Samosa


Samosas are the most preferred choice of every Indian either living abroad or are a native here. It has a crunchy texture and a wide range of tastes. Onions, lentils, spicy potatoes, peas, or ground meat are the components of these deep-fried triangle pastries. The renowned golden-brown food should have arrived in India via old trade routes from Central Asia. These savory triangles are usually served hot with chopped onions, yogurt, or fresh, homemade Indian chutneys made with herbs like mint, coriander, or tamarind.

7. Chikki


Chikki is a traditional Indian sweet (brittle) consisting primarily of almonds, sugar, or jaggery. In addition to the most common groundnut (peanut) chikki, there are various other variants. Puffed or roasted Bengal gram, sesame, puffed rice, beaten rice, Khobar (desiccated coconut), and nuts such as almonds, cashews, and pistachios are among the ingredients used in each variant of chikki.

8. Banana Chips or Upperi


The origins of banana chips can be traced back to Kerala, India. They can be sprinkled with sugar or honey for a sweet flavor or fried in oil and spices for a salty or spicy flavor. Fried banana chips are often made from underripe banana slices that have been deep-fried in sunflower or coconut oil. In Kerala, fried plantain chips are nenthra-kaaya oopperi, vazhaykka upperi, or upperi. This style of chip preparation uses both ripe and unripe plantains.

9. Masala Vada

Vada originated in North India (particularly among Tamil populations) between 100 BC and 300 CE. There are many different types of Vada, depending on the location and preferences of the people. Chana dals with various kinds of hot spices are the major ingredients of a traditional Masala Vada. Anyone could be enticed by the aroma emanating from your kitchen corner. 

10. Thattais

Thattais can be sweet or savory and are traditionally served at festivals such as Krishna Jayanthi (Lord Krishna's birthday) or Diwali (the festival of lights). Rice flour, roasted peanuts, red chile powder, asafoetida, salt, and water are required for thattais. The dough is smoothed into flat discs with lubricated fingertips on a clean, dry cloth before being deep-fried in hot oil.

11. Madras Mixture

The Madras mix is a delightful jumble of numerous scrumptious delicacies. Often containing kara sev, boondi, ompodi, roasted peanuts, flattened rice flakes, roasted chana dal, almonds, and cashews, the Madras mixture is known colloquially as micchar. Although it is traditionally made for Diwali, it is also enjoyed as a snack throughout the year, usually with a cup of tea.

12. Masala Peanuts


Do you prefer fried and spicy snacks to dry snacks? You'll love every bite of Palli pakodi, and it's one of the most thrilling snacks you'll ever try. Groundnut, green chile, gram flour, and garlic make this wonderful South Indian snack. A covering of curry leaves and aromatic spices is also included. It's great with coffee, tea, or any other hot beverage.

13. Jackfruit Chips


Made from immature and fully developed jackfruit, this sweet snack is crunchy, crispy, and delicious and can be stored for up to a month. To maintain a crusty and crisp texture, these chips are usually deep-fried in pure coconut oil to maintain a crusty and crisp texture.

14. Dabeli


Although it originated in Kutch, Gujarat, India, this hearty snack is now loved throughout the country and even by people living abroad. Dabeli combines toasted ladi pav buns with mashed potatoes and a spice mixture that typically includes turmeric, cardamom, fennel seeds, coriander, chilli peppers, and other spices. Roasted peanuts, pomegranate seeds, and sev — tiny, crispy noodles made from ground chickpeas — are sprinkled over the mixture, including various chutneys. Dabeli means pressed in English and is primarily sold and consumed as street food.

 15. Ganthiya


Ganthiya is a popular Indian deep-fried chickpea flour snack. Its origins are from Gujarat, India, where it is frequently served with tea. Ganthiya, unlike most other Indian snacks, is soft and fluffy rather than crispy. 

16. Mathri


Matthi or Mathri is a delicious Indian cracker or biscuit in Punjab. Flour, salt, oil or ghee, and roughly powdered black peppercorns are typically used to make the crackers. To extend the shelf life of the crackers, store them in airtight containers.

17. Pakora 


Pakora is a savory Indian dish prepared with vegetables such as cauliflower and eggplant that is deep-fried. It's a traditional Indian snack that can be found on many street corners, but it's equally easy to make at home. Pakoras are traditionally most popular in the spring when individuals consume fried meals in honor of the monsoon season. Turmeric, salt, chile, and other spices are commonly used to season pakoras.

18. Vada Pav


Vada pav is a popular snack in Mumbai, and its name refers to the main ingredients: spicy mashed potatoes deep-fried in chickpea batter and pav, or white bread rolls. 

19. Masala Cashews


A bowl of toasted cashew nuts with ghee and just enough spice to please your Indian spirit. These masala-loaded cashews beg to be paired with an evening snack or coffee, thanks to a rich blend of spices, including acidic amchur, salty and smokey kala namak, and toasty toasted cumin.

The traditional homemade snacks are something we all epitomize living in any corner of the world. Are you missing out on any of these Indian snacks for a party? Do not worry! Order the most popular traditional snacks in India from Sweet Karam Coffee at the best prices. 


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