It's lunchtime. You open your steel lunch box. In it sits a yellow pile of dal and rice with a hint of ghee and some tempering. Comforting, delicious but repetitive. Its like they say too much of anything is good for nothing. And then a glimmer of hope. In the bag lies another smaller box. Could it be? Is this it? Eagerly you open the box. At last, the prayers have been answered. Broken pieces of crunchy Arisi Appalam lie inside waiting to be devoured. The box is licked clean and the tummy is filled.

Airy, crunchy and melt in the mouth Arisi Appalams give a pop of texture that can make even the most boring of lunches better. During school days, the moment we opened a box of Appalams everyone’s hands got in and there was nothing left for us. But not to worry, we would do the same thing to someone else. And we never regretted it. Who could ever resist these delicious discs, savoury and slightly spicy with cumin all over?

The women in our family have been making Arisi Appalams since ages. Come summer time our balconies and terraces would be covered in sheets of clothes with rolled out Vadams, Appalams and Vathals. The process of making good Arisi Appalam has always been tedious but the end result is worth all the work. A dough made of ground rice, green chilis and cumin is steamed until firm. The steamed dough is then kneaded until soft, rolled into balls, sheeted into discs and dried. Once dried thoroughly the Appalam can be deep fried in hot oil and relished.

Eating an Arisi Appalam is an experience on its own. As the Appalam crunches under teeth, it dissolves and the slight heat from the green chillis and cumin resonates in our tongue. The fun texture makes it addictive letting us go back for more. It makes an amazing accompaniment, appetizer or snack.

At Sweet Karam Coffee we have an extensive collection of Appalams, Vadams and Vathals. You can also try out our favourite Arisi Appalam. Our selection of ready to fry delights will instantly jazz up your mealtime. Devour our homemade, grandma’s recipe of Arisi Appalam and other treats like traditional sweets, snacks, pickles and podis only from Sweet Karam Coffee.

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