Whenever a banana leaf is placed in front of us, we eagerly look at the right end of the leaf. Why? Because that is the spot traditionally reserved for a crisp disc of appalam most probably and Ulundhu Appalam. Be it a wedding, a family feast or even a neivedhyam of a complete Elai Sapadu the Ulundhu Appalam is always present. Pale, thin and crispy, it is the first thing our hands reach out for once the food is served. Whenever someone says Appalam we are not reminded of any fancy Pepper Papad or Maravallikizhangu Appalam but of the humble Ulundhu appalam.

We all have our way of eating the Ulundhu Appalam. As children we would hold the Appalam in our left hand and take a bite between every handful of rice. We did this to ensure that the Appalam didn’t get soggy from all that watery Sambhar and Rasam. We would then get scolded by our parents for eating with both hands. But to us getting scolded was better than eating soaked Appalams. The horror! As we grew up, we learned position the Appalam safe from the liquid and learnt to break a piece whenever needed. Some prefer eating it alone and some prefer crushing it into the rice.

Our grandmothers would make a batch of Ulundhu Appalams every summer. They would grind the ulutham paruppu or urad dal themselves and knead the dough with their strong arms. Only great experience can aid in making a dough of the perfect consistency. The Ulundhu Appalam dough is quite tough and requires a good beating literally as the dough is hit repeatedly to soften up. Balls of dough are then rolled out and dried. Our grandmothers would lovingly pack them into ‘Appala Kattus’ and distribute them to their loved ones.

The taste of the Ulundhu Appalam is extremely comforting. It is thin, crunchy, really savoury and the Ulutham Paruppu gives it this nutty flavour that makes us go back for more. The lack of any specific flavouring like spices makes it a good combination with everything.

At Sweet Karam Coffee we look up to grandmothers as the epitome of good food. We also pride ourselves in making your every meal more memorable. Our collection of traditional Appalams, Vathals and Vadams are here to accompany your every meal. We offer varieties like Maravalli Appalam, Arisi Appalam, Mor Milagai, Oma Podi Vathal and much more. Our Ulundhu Appalam from Sweet Karam Coffee and get back to the good times!


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