• Experience the lip-smacking taste of homemade vadam at Sweet Karam Coffee

  • Snacking is such a great way to uplift our mood and rejuvenate our senses. It doesn’t just satiate our hunger but tingles our taste buds too. (1) Vadams, appalams, and vathals are an important part of South Indian cuisine. It is very difficult to forget the taste of these homemade delicacies, which were infused with love and nostalgia. If you can still taste these childhood favourite dishes on the tip of your tongue, then we are here to help you recreate that same taste with our range of homemade vathal online, javarisi appalam, and various other delicacies. 

    Explore our delectable range of vadams and appalams online 

    If you wish to enjoy the exquisite taste of handmade vadams and appalams online, then you should check out our collection of the same. 

    • We pride ourselves on having the best rice vadagam online. Our rice appalams are the perfect savoury snack which can also be used as an accompaniment to your main dish. 

    • Our urad dal papads are outstanding appetisers that can be quickly roasted over a flame or fried in oil to serve to guests. These are tasty, and crunchy and work well as a tea-time snack too. 

    This is a popular snack in Kerala. It is made out of tapioca pearls and its savoury taste can add a burst of flavour to your mouth. In addition to being high in taste, this snack is very nutritious as well. The iron content in tapioca (2) makes it amazing for people who are anaemic. 

    Why Choose Sweet Karam Coffee 

    Sweet Karam Coffee your homemade food store pivots around the idea of recreating the traditional and unadulterated taste of homemade Indian snackssweets and beverages. In addition to vadams and appalams like tomato Vathal, mango Vathal etc., we also have a range of other food products and beverages like snacks onlineOrganic millet snacksCoffee PowderHomemade Pickles onlineMasalas & Instant Mixesnorth Indian papads, and many other things. 


    • Are vadams and appalams fattening? 

    • These savoury delights are prepared by sun-drying vegetables and other ingredients and therefore these snacks and main dish accompaniments are not fattening as such. If you roast them then the calorie quotient becomes lesser in comparison to frying them.

    • How can serve appalams in more versatile ways?

    • In order to make appalams more exciting, you can serve them with chopped tomatoes, onions, green chillies and top it off with a drizzle of lemon juice. 

    • Are these safe for consumption by children? 

    • Yes, our homemade vadams and appalams are made from top-quality ingredients and they are safe for consumption by elders and children alike. 

    • Can anyone consume these vathals?

    • Yes, these vathals, vadams and appalams are safe for consumption by all but you must check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in them.