As children, we all had our favorite in any kind of food. We had a favorite fruit, vegetable snack, sweet and even a favorite type of Vadam or Vathal. For most of us, the Javvarisi Vadam would have been the favorite. We would ask our mothers to make extra and would eat them after finishing our meal. We would want them for snacking, and we would want them in our school lunch. As we grow older our palates changes and we start to accept different types of flavor profiles but the Javvarisi Vadam is something that we would never get tired of.

The Javvarisi Vadam as the name suggests is made from Javvarisi or sago. Sago pearls are made from the starch of palm stems. Sometimes sago pearls are also made from the starches of tubers like tapioca and potato. Sago is boiled in water until a porridge-like consistency. Seasonings like cumin and chili are added. The mixture is cooled down and spoonfuls of the mixture are spread onto sheets and dried. The Vadam is cooked until all the sago pearl bits swell up.

The Vadam itself is thick and crispy. The sago pearls give a pop here and there. This texture is what makes it appealing to children. The flavor of the Javvarisi Vadam is quite savory with not much of natural flavors. It is the cumin and the chillis that impart a little kick. The Javvarisi Vadam doesn’t necessarily compliment the flavors of any type of rice or curry dish but nonetheless, it offers a change of texture to the palate.

At Sweet Karam Coffee the Javvarisi Vadam is a part of our selection of Appalams, Vadams, and Vathals which have been handcrafted with recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. We offer varieties including Sundakkai Vathal, Onion Fryums and we also have added a new spin to wafer with our Beetroot Wafers. We would love to be a part of your meal and have great pleasure in satisfying your taste buds. Our recipes are sure to remind you of your grandmothers and mothers who are our greatest inspiration. 

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N G Murugan

We need curry vadam
Which is a very special one
We need adhurasam also

August 1, 2020 at 21:19pm

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