Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi or Sri Jayanthi or Gokulashtami celebrates the birth of Krishna who was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Our scriptures are riven by little Krishna’s adorable and awe inspiring antics. His youth was a personification of valour, intelligence and courage Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva. In order to escape the wrath of her wicked brother Kamsa, Devaki asked her husband to take Krishna away. Henceforth, Vasudeva made a treacherous journey across the Yamuna river, all the way to Dwarka, in the dead of night, and left Baby Krishna in the able care of Nand Lal and Yashoda. 

As professed, Lord Krishna killed his maternal uncle Kamsa and ended an era of injustice and violence.

How to celebrate Janmashtami 

Janamashtami is all about remembering and rejoicing in baby Krishna’s adorable demeanour (Baal Leela).  This festival is celebrated throughout the country with varying colours of local traditions. It is an annual Hindu festival and is celebrated by all with a lot of enthusiasm.. It is celebrated eight days after Raksha Bandhan and the celebrations for the same spread over a delightful period of two to three days. This year this festival will be celebrated from August 18th to August 19th. It won't be wrong to say that Janmashtami is the most awaited birthday party of the year!

You can prepare for the celebration of Lord Krishna’s birthday by 

  • Bathing his idol in holy water (gangajal, ittar etc) and dressing it up in fresh new clothes. 
  • You can decorate the idols of Little Kanha and Radha and put them together for added luck and good vibes.
  • Guide Little Krishna to walk right into your Puja room by drawing Krishna patham Kolam, which is the practice of drawing Lord Krishna’s feet from your main door leading up to your Puja room.
  • Spend time with elders and listen to them as they reminisce about the manner in which they used to celebrate Janmashtami. As you walk down the memory lane with them you will be pleasantly surprised by the glory of this festival.

Are you waiting for the small feet to walk his way from the house entrance to your Pooja room? Are you waiting for the little hands to take butter, eat and smear it all over his face? Are you waiting for those tiny lips to take a bite of his favorite delicacies? It’s finally that time of the year when you invite Baby Krishna in your humble abode by celebrating Janmashtami at  home.

Let the mild nip in the air, hymn chanting and an aroma of fresh flowers create an enchanting atmosphere to  welcome the birthday boy.

With us taking care of Janmasthtami, special   sweets and snacks, make time for yourself to cherish all the other joys associated with this beautiful festival. 

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