Janmashtami or Krishna Jayanthi or Sri Jayanthi or Gokulashtami. Are you waiting for the small feet to walk his way from house entrance to Pooja room? Are you waiting for the little hands to take butter, eat and smear it all over his face? Are you waiting for those tiny lips to take a bite of his favorite delicacies? It’s that time of the year. Let the mild chillness of evening, hymns from the temple nearby, fresh smell of flowers welcome the birthday boy.

Be it dressing up little Krishna and Radha, adding special touch to Krishnar padha kolam and listening to elders reminiscing tales of how they used to celebrate Janmashtami, spend time this Janmashtami in things you wish for. With us taking care of Janmasthtami  sweets and snacks, extra time is all yours.

We know what makes Janmashtami special. It’s Crispiest Seedai, Sweet and crunchy vella seedai, Fluffy and soft athirasam,Crafty Kai Murukku,Shiny kadalai urundai, authentic Sukku vellam and much more.

Full lock down or half lock down or no lock down. Lord Krishna is all set to visit your home. Are you ready to welcome him with his favorite sweets and snacks? Make this Janmashtami a memorable one by ordering Janmashtami special sweets and snacks with us.

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