The Pleated Madisar, the intricate kolams, the temple bells, the intoxicating malli poo, the long stretches of the Marina, the busy Moore market, the iconic Railway station, MGR movies, the Margazhi fest…some things are so symbolic that it reminisces us all about the tradition and culture of a particular place.

And not to forget the Yelai Sapaad and the authentic strong aroma that fills our heart…the “DAVARA KAAPI”. Madras became Chennai but #Filterkaapi remains forever!

Sipping filter kaapi out of a small dabra is a sacred ritual for most of the South Indians. And when accompanied with Butter biscuits, it gives a truly satisfying experience. It acts as a Dopamine to boost our moods and kick-start our day.

So what is so special about this little slice of heaven called Kaapi?
The origin of coffee dates back to the 17th century when Baba Budan smuggled 7 Coffee beans to Karnataka and from then to now, this humble beverage has been a part of our daily routine and will be forever! The coffee Beans are organically grown, carefully hand-picked at the right time, and roasted to perfection to get that authentic cuppa.

The traditional filter method extracts the decoction which is nothing but slow Percolated coffee. The coffee is a mix of fine ground Arabica and Robusta beans mixed with 0-40. chicory for that divine tumbler of kaapi. This is something which we cannot part with and can recharge us at any point of time. It is also considered as a healthy beverage that helps in reducing cardio vascular problems in our body.

So let’s savour the Authentic and Rich “Kaapi shots” with SweetKaramCoffee and relish this creamy strong cuppa to awaken the true spirit in each one of us! “Remember Health is Happiness and Happiness is Homemade!

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I ordered filter coffee powder it’s awesome good aroma

August 23, 2020 at 14:14pm

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