Something sweet on your mind and a big no for anything sugar and not right. In a world full of sugary sweets, living by the reminiscence of the super healthy good old traditional Jaggery sweets, call it time to relish them back again.

Of our best and earliest childhood memories relate to jaggery sweets. With most of them being homemade back then with lot of love and effort, the smell of jaggery sprawling all around the house is unforgettable. The flavor of Jaggery is itself just so heavenly. Jaggery is always a better alternative than refined sugar. Why give up on your sweet cravings when there is a perfect healthier option right out there. Gone by this concept, we at Sweetkaramcoffee we are happy to offer a range Jaggery Sweets, that just fits in best for healthy and tasty choices because enough isn’t enough when its jaggery sweets!

I think we all have a fondness for the rich age old traditional Jaggery sweets. The distinct flavor and smell associated with Jaggery in sweets takes us back in time for sure. Our memories run behind the wait for the Jaggery sweets when it was made at home, that little happiness which meant nothing back then but now are the most treasured memories we carry all along. 

Jaggery Sweets has a symbolic status in every Indian household, also finds its way in most of the tasty and delicious sweets consumed. Jaggery being an ingredient in both sweet and savory traditional dishes, age old recipes have kept jaggery blended in sweets just intact. For sure the smell of Jaggery is associated with to be an arrival of good things. Am sure most of us still drool over the thought of it. Jaggery sweets is home to nutrients like iron and magnesium which bring with them a lot of health benefits. In the modern times, let us make our sweet cravings a little healthy too.

As healthy as it is believed to be and to fuel up the right way. We at Sweetkaramcoffee have a range of traditional jaggery sweets, for the healthier choices our customers make. We found a combination of few of the favorite jaggery sweets dated back and strong in tradition and still liked and relished. Come look by the best range of jaggery sweets we got to offer you, with whole lot of health benefits and better nutrition. The variety is well thought and chosen to enrich your taste buds.

With our options on Jaggery sweets ranging from Beetroot and Cashews Mysore Pak, Carrot Dates Mysore Pak, Kodo Athirasam to Karupatti Kaju Katli, we are sure the craving was worth indeed.

Just sit at ease and relish them, the way it was made back then in the good old days. It is always a perfect time to relish upon the good old traditional jaggery sweets, and some still say, I prefer Jaggery over Chocolates anytime!

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-- An Article by Varsha Thammaiah

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Srinivasan Rajagopalan

I am unable to see boondi laddoo . Do you have them in your list of items ?

August 18, 2020 at 12:11pm

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