The arisen need for an alternative to sugar has made us go back to traditional preferences, that dive deep on the health benefits as well as on the taste.

Karupatti (Palm sugar) is one such choice, a sweetener, derived from a palm tree, is now the sought-after alternatives for sugar contemporarily. Catching up back with bygone traditions passed over time. Old is gold as we always believed.

Karupatti (Palm sugar / Coconut sugar) is a produce, by harvesting the flower bud stem of a coconut palm. The sap collected is placed over moderate heat to evaporate the moisture content, as the water evaporates, forming a thick sap syrup, further reduced to block or soft paste form. With a mild caramel favor enhancing it as the as the sap is reduced.
Many reasons to choose organic palm sugar as it is grown in a chemical free environment and have no chemical residue. Looking for more benefits, here are they,

  • Palm sugar is unrefined
  • Palm Sugar is total zero fat. Calcium good on your bones
  • Rich in iron, an hemoglobin booster when consumed
  • Low hypoglycemic, the food is absorbed slowly and prevents a spike in insulin levels
  • Palm sugar is consumed with water to maintain oral hydration and electrolyte balance
  • A good cleanser, with all the health benefits detoxifies the body and provides better health
  • Low on fructose, a type of sugar our body quickly converts into triglyceride - a form of fat
  • Studies have found that contains minerals like potassium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese

      When Karupatti (Palm sugar), has much added benefits, so give up on sugar but not on your sugar cravings.
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       - An article by Varsha Thammaiah

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