Are you in search of genuine South Indian culinary delights? Look no further!

Sweet Karam Coffee is your ultimate destination for traditional South Indian snacks, sweets, and the much-loved filter coffee. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products that bring the authentic flavors of South India right to your table.

Our extensive menu boasts of traditional favorites like Navaratna Mixture, Seedai, Ribbon Pakoda, and Athirasam. Each item is prepared using fresh ingredients and time-honored recipes, promising you an authentic South Indian experience.

Our Special Madras Mixture is a crowd favorite, winning hearts with its perfect blend of spices and ingredients. You can't stop praising its unique flavor and the nostalgia it brings, just like your grandmother's preparation.

For the coffee lovers, our SKC Kumbakonam Special Premium Filter Coffee is a must-try. This blend, with 85% coffee and 15% chicory, offers a smooth taste and aroma that will transport you to the traditional coffee houses of South India.

We also have a variety of homemade pickles and podis, crafted with traditional recipes and high-quality ingredients. These versatile products can be used as condiments or accompaniments to meals, adding a burst of authentic South Indian flavor to your dishes.

Now, shopping with Sweet Karam Coffee is even more rewarding! We're thrilled to announce our new offers:

  1. Enjoy free shipping across India for all orders above Rs. 499.
  2. Avail a flat 5% off for orders between Rs. 849 and Rs. 1099.
  3. Get a free jute bag worth Rs. 150 for orders between Rs. 1099 and Rs. 1499.
  4. Receive our premium filter coffee and a free jute bag worth Rs. 349 for orders above Rs. 1499.

So, why wait? Explore our range of products and experience the authentic flavors of South India today. Enjoy these exciting offers and elevate your shopping experience at Sweet Karam Coffee!

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