The sound of bells, the smell of camphor and incense filling the air, flowers adorning a beautiful idol. Along with all this, the one thing that we all look forward to during a visit to the temple or even after a pooja at home is the prasadham. Delicious traditional treats like ven Pongal, Chakkara Pongal, Sundal etc are offered as neivedhyam to the gods and after the pooja is distributed as prasadham to the devotees. After a pooja at home, everyone receives a bowl of prasadham however simple it may be. One item which is synonymous with prasadham is the Puliyodharai.

Puliodharai, Puliyogare or Puliohara is a South Indian rice preparation made with tamarind. It is a delicious mixture of tamarind along with spices, lentils, and nuts. The process of making Puliyodharai starts by making a Pulikachal or a reduction of tamarind. Tamarind juice along with certain additions like chili, cumin, and other spices is turned is reduced to a paste-like consistency. Lentils like kadalai paruppu and nuts like peanut are added in for taste and texture.

This mixture is mixed with boiled rice, the end result being tangy Puliyodharai. The taste of the Puliyodharai is divine. The sour tamarind with the spices creates a wonderful savory combination. The lentils and nuts give it the much-needed texture change. The curry leaves and mustard seeds leave it with the iconic South Indian flavor. The best part about the Puliyodharai is that the Pulikachal itself can be stored for much longer. This makes the Pulikachal a must carry item during trips far away from home.

Puliyodharai and Pulikachal are important parts of our culture. The Puliyodharai is a part of the religious tradition of prasadham and the Pulikaichal is a part of every traveler’s suitcase. There would be times when returning back from vacations our grandmothers would send us back with jars of Pulikachal. Here at Sweet Karam Coffee, we love adhering to traditional practices and customs. We offer a variety our authentic Pulikachal along with other preparations like Puliyogare Powder to help you make a delicious batch of Puliodharai be it for a quick meal or an auspicious delight.

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