Ghee is essentially Indian clarified butter made from rich butter that is heated over a period of time separating the milk solids to produce a golden and clear fat. It is considered more flavorful than animal fats, regular butter, or frying oils when used for cooking. It is a delicious ingredient to work with, a beautifully fragrant fat infused with the flavors of the browned milk solids trapped in butter.
It turns out that our mums were right to prepare our bowls of steaming dals and rice with ghee and add it to the meals. It is compared to gold in the scriptures. Our ancestors understood the true worth of ghee because of its wonderful benefits! Let's look at some of Ghee Benefits.

1. It is rejuvenating
Ghee is loaded with healthy fats, which causes it to increase the body's healthy cholesterol. Also, the benefits of ghee for weight loss are many. Ghee is not a heart disease-causing fat like other types of fat and a human body needs some amount of fats to keep it going. This is why we recommend having ghee on hot days. Also, since our body gets dry in summer, the consumption of ghee will help balance the internal moisture.

2. It boosts immunity
Ghee is highly nutritious and consists of various nutritional benefits thus there are many health benefits of ghee. It is rich in butyric acid that helps to increase T cells and Ghee nutrition in turn helps to improve our immune system and fight diseases. It helps in absorbing fat-soluble nutrients like Vitamin D, A, E & K.

3. It is easily digestible
A healthy gut is closely tied to ghee consumption. Before every meal, our ancestors used to eat a teaspoon of ghee in the past. Ghee is made up of short-chain fatty acids which can be digested easily. This nature helps to break fat and lines the digestive tract and lowers the risk of cancer and ulcers.

4. It is great for skin
Ghee has been a staple part of various beauty care rituals since time immemorial. One of the least dangerous dermatological cosmetics is ghee. It helps heal burns and is gentle on the skin. Ghee assists you in keeping healthy skin by retaining moisture, enhancing skin repair, treating cracks, and smoothing the skin. It is also rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and a natural emollient. This is another one of the well-known historical uses for ghee.

5. It is good for intestinal health
Ghee is rich in butyric acid which makes it ideal to support intestinal health. The cells of the colon use butyric acid as their preferred source of energy. Moreover, Ghee lowers the gastrointestinal tract's acidic pH and improves assimilation in the small intestine. Plus, one of the Cow ghee benefits is that it is a naturally occurring source of antioxidants that neutralises free radicals and prevents the oxidation process.

Therefore, the next time your grandmother or mother spreads ghee on your chaptis, don't complain! Moreover, Sweet Karma Coffee is always available for you to get the nourishing ghee!

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Teejay R

Since ages, we have seen our parents and grandparents talk about the benefits of having desi cow gheein our meals on a daily basis.

September 12, 2019 at 11:13am

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