South Indian Mixture – A Party in the Mouth

Our mothers and grandmothers are literally prepared for any situation. We think that certain times failure must be admitted but they swoop in and save the day. But sometimes they need to be saved too. Especially during the situation called ‘Surprise Guest Visit’. Initially, they would run into the kitchen in full panic mode not knowing what to serve. But soon they would realize that they have a packet of Mixture stashed somewhere in the shelf. Soon the packet would be out, and the day and everyone’s tummies would be saved.


Fewer dishes have names as obvious as the Mixture. It literally is a mixture of dry ingredients like nuts, roasted or deep-fried lentils and other knick-knacks like omapodi and boondhi or even pieces of thenkuzhal and murukku. No Mixture is the same. Every mixture has its own ingredients and mix-ins. It is these mix-ins that make the mixture interesting. Each ingredient has its own flavour and texture. These, when combined with other textures and flavours, creates what is a true party in the mouth. The first handful of Mixture is always a unique experience. But once the flavours have been established the plate will become empty in no time.

Eating the Mixture is an art on its own. Some people like to eat the nuts and lentils first before diving into the oma podi or boondhi. Some prefer eating everything together. Grabbing a handful of Mixture and eating it is a little tricky but once the technique is mastered one can never stop eating.

We love a good Mixture with peanuts, cashews with the savoury aroma of asafoetida. Our Spl. Madras Mixture is exactly that with the added crunch from spicy omapodi and boondhi. The peanuts and cashews are fried for an added delicious flavour and the deep-fried aval is light and crispy adding a whole new texture. The Spl. Madras Mixture holds a special place in our hearts and we hope it holds a permanent place on your shelf too, ready to save you from unexpected guests. Our extensive collection of Sweets and Snacks with varieties like Oosi Thenkuzhal will delight your taste buds for sure. Serve them with a cup of our perfect blend of coffee for a satisfying evening.

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