It’s winter, the air is chilling and the floor is freezing. You are bedridden with the flu. Sneezing, coughing and wheezing you wait for relief from the torment of nature. In comes Grandma with a bowl in hand. The air is filled with the smell of pepper, garlic, and coriander. The whiffs of hot, steaming Rasam makes you get upright. Grandma waits for the Rasam to cool down a bit and then hands it over. One sip and you suddenly start coughing even more. But after a few more sips the warm Rasam soothes the throat, caressing it as it glides down. The heavy dose of pepper does its trick and relieves you of all the illness.

Whatever you call it - Rasam, Charu or Saaru this South Indian broth is an all-rounder. It comforts you with its savory flavors, encourages digestion and drains out a lot of ailments.

The ingredients that make up the Rasam are mainly spices, herbs, and aromatics. This makes it rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. The optional addition of paruppu thanni or lentil stock makes it even more nutritionally dense.

Every Rasam starts with a Rasam Podi which consists of a mix of toasted spices like coriander, cumin, pepper, and chillis. The spices are ratioed according to preference. In general, coriander is used in large amounts which gives the Rasam its signature aroma and taste. Tamarind and/or tomato pulp is dissolved in water to form the base of the Rasam. A tempering of shallots, garlic, curry leaves etc is mixed in with the base. The Rasam Podi is added in and some prefer adding asafoetida or hing as well. In certain cultures, the Rasam is made in an Eeya Chombu or a Tin vessel. The practice is followed as tin is a metal which does not react with the acid in the Rasam, unlike other metals.

Everyone has their preferred way of enjoying Rasam. Some mix it in with rice and some finish their meal with a bowl of Rasam. You even have Rasam Vadai and Rasam Idli. There are also a lot of flavors of Rasam. Depending on additional add-ins you have Garlic Rasam, Pepper Rasam, Lemon Rasam, and even Thuthuvalai Rasam made with Thudhuvalai leaves. This special type of Rasam is known to give any kind of Rasam a kick in the back.

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