Whenever we are voyaging far away from our homeland our family never fails to load up our luggage with goodies from home. From the mandatory foodstuff like Murukku, Avakkai Urugai and Podis of all kinds to the one of a kind items like Veppilai Katti and Maravalli Appalam it would seem like we would need extra baggage just to carry these in. And to those living there, it would seem like we have carried our entire store cupboard with us. But carrying all that weight is worth it for when we are sitting alone, miles away, feeling homesick, that little lick of Avakkai pickle and that crunch from the vadam will transport us back home, reminding us of the warm smile our grandmothers and mothers had when they watched us devour their food.

One of the most carried item by people of our kind when they travel far is the Paruppu Podi. Even when we are at home with only leftover rice to satiate our hunger pang we are quick to reach out to a pack of Paruppu Podi. It is a rice mix powder which is meant to be mixed into rice, ideally hot with a dash of fat like ghee or gingelly oil. Since it is made with non-perishables like dhal(lentils) and spices it is extremely long-standing ready to come to our rescue whenever. It takes a mere few minutes to serve yourself a plate of this traditional dish.

Paruppu Podi is made with lentils and spices like pepper, chilies, curry leaves and enough salt to season. All the ingredients are toasted over a flame, cooled down and ground to a fine powder. The ratio of the various ingredients is what makes the Paruppu Podi. A perfect ratio of lentils and spices gives the end result of a lip-smacking nutty and spicy taste. Add in the warm ghee and it is heaven on earth.

At Sweet Karam Coffee all of our recipes are made with recipes that are most probably ones formulated by food-loving grandmothers whose food never fails to satisfy us. Our Paruppu Podi and other rice mix podis like ellu podi and Pudhina Podi are sure to fill your tummy and fix your craving for food from home. We welcome you to stock up your baggage with our sweets, snacks, pickles, instant mixes and get a taste of your homeland wherever you go.  

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