An ideal south Indian meal does not miss out on Sambar. That little bowl generously filled over with the mighty sambar, the aroma blending over on any food it is accompanied with, is sure to die for most us. In its proportion of its own, it gets in place in every and most of the south Indian preparations, may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our food is complete with a sambar. The generous quantity spread over hot steaming rice, the blended vegetables the distinct flavor of the sambhar by itself, looks like a calling for a happy meal, a perfect satiety.

So, what is it about this mighty Sambar? Sambar is a lentil-based vegetable stew, cooked with red gram (pigeon pea) and tamarind juices. A whole of variety of veggies that go in it and blended with Sambar powder, the tempering added giving its final touch, the taste that manifolds into something overwhelming, like a perfect come together of a hint of sweet, a little sour, spicy on the edge, all mild and a soothing blending over the veggies.  

The Sambar powder has all its taste in the ingredients that gets into a powder texture. It’s the coming together of dry roasted chilies, cumin seeds, peppercorn, fenugreek, Channa dal (Chickpeas), tempering with asafetida, Curry leaves and then into a powder.

Most of us, our Sambar powder is a default in our kitchen, the quintessential item takes its pride in taste, when it is made at home. The expertise is passed down through generations, the recipe treasured and kept well intact. Am sure for all of us, it is more of a heartfelt connection too. 

We at Sweet Karam Coffee, bring in back the traditional Sambar powder, prepared perfectly in a traditional way, by our very own talented home chefs, who are the preservers of the age-old traditional recipes just as they are supposed to be.  We also have the stone ground Sambar powder, powdered as it was done in the good old days, choosing not to make diversions in the taste. The Sambar powder available at Sweet Karam Coffee is a no Onion/ No Garlic variety. 

The look for homemade Sambar powder ends here. In the modern days, unable to make them at home as it was made back then, you can simply order from us, we are just one click away, all available on our online store at

Take home this home-made happiness, relish them in Idli, Vada, Dosa’s and what not. If you are new to this, why not give it a try for a flavorful South Indian style Sambar with the Sambar powder from Sweet Karam Coffee. We are very sure our flavors are as rich as our traditions and you will start having a liking for it. 

With our delivery reaching across India, just order at ease, we will deliver this home-made happiness for you.

Well like the Sambar powder, we do house a variety of products you would want to take home too. May it be Sweet snack, healthy jaggery based snacks, health mixes to meet your daily nutrition requirement, ghee and cold pressed oils, homemade traditional healthy Podi’s, traditional pickles , instant ready mixes to vadams and appalams, the variety here, meets the lookout for a traditional homemade food and taste.

Our effort in recognizing traditional recipes and keeping them the way, it is, and reaching our customers with this homemade happiness, is what we do with love.

An Article by Varsha Thammaiah

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