A spicy-sweet-sour Rasam, the result of a traditional recipe, with a flowing consistency often eaten with rice or opted as a soup, is a must in most of the South Indian households. A serving of Rasam and rice is nothing more to ask for most of us. Rasam has its distinct taste, also means juice of the absorbed ingredients, may it be a traditional lunch or included in our daily staple food, is found almost accompanying every meal.

Rasam being a soul food for most of us, Rasam powder, the secret ingredient of this magical recipe, is often sought to be home made. It calls for more, when the flavors connect to each one of our homes and heart distinctively.

So, at Sweet Karam Coffee, our Rasam Podi (powder) is made with love, those skilled magical hands, our home chefs get it together in the making of the Rasam Powder as passed on by traditions bygone.

Our Rasam Podi is made without Onion/Garlic/Any preservatives. The best of both worlds, taste and health benefits. Order your share of it, take us home, relive those moments when these Podi’s were just made at home, relish back the on that taste again.

Sweetkaramcoffee.in is our online store, order at ease from anywhere across India, we will bring home this homemade happiness for you. 

  1. The Rasam Podi - The original Rasam
  2. Kollu Rasam Podi - Homemade Rasam Podi made with Horse gram
  3. Seeragam Mislagu Rasam Podi - Cumin, Pepper Rasam Podi

Well just not this, if you are looking for more on food that holds tradition, you are the right place to be.

Sweetkaramcoffee.in has a plethora of home-made goodies to choose from, you can take us home for our products range from homemade Jaggery sweets, Millet snacks, Health mixes, cold pressed oils, traditional and instant mixes, Chettinad Podi’s, Traditional pickles made of mango, lemon, tomato and more, Dosa, Idiyappam and instant rice mixes, we can be part of your kitchen in every little way possible, as we have traditions imbibed, in every product we make. Make it part of your homemade happiness too.

- Article by Varsha Thammaiah