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Classic Millet Mixture 180g (Foxtail and Great Millet Sev Mix)

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As the name suggests, Madras millet mixture is a popular South Indian snack. It is a mixture of various savouries in equal proportions. It is known as Chivda in northern western parts of India.

It is these mix-ins with extra goodness of millets that make the mixture interesting. Each ingredient has its own flavour and texture. These, when combined with other textures and flavours, creates what is a true party in the mouth. The first handful of Mixture is always a unique experience. But once the flavours have been established the plate will become empty in no time.

Eating the Mixture is an art on its own. Some people like to eat the nuts and lentils first before diving into the oma podi or boondhi. Some prefer eating everything together. Grabbing a handful of Mixture and eating it is a little tricky but once the technique is mastered one can never stop eating.

However, people still miss these homemade sweets and snacks. Sweet Karam Coffee is a boon to everyone who needs quality homemade snacks with delivery across India.

Gluten Free | Millet Based Snack | Zero Preservatives | Homemade


Foxtail Millet (Thinai ) Flour, Great Millet (Cholam) Flour, Rice Flour, Roasted Gram Flour, Urad Dal Flour, Puffed Rice, Cornflakes, Cashew nut, Groundnut, Garlic, Almonds, Refined Sunflower Oil, Asafoetida, Chilli Powder, Chaat Masala, Salt.

How to use:

Ready to eat

Shelf Life: 

30 days 


Store it in a cool and dry place in an air tight container



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Classic Millet Mixture 180g (Foxtail and Great Millet Sev Mix)

Beena G
NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
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Likes: Easy online process, variety and good authentic South Indian delicacies.....healthy options with jaggery
Improvements: Please try Mysore pak with cane jaggery and ghee instead of palm
Healthy and Yummy

The sweets and snacks are excellent and healthy. Very tasty traditional sweets. No palm oil is the greatest take away and generous use of jaggery instead of sugar .
Very delicious

NPS score:
10 (Extremely likely)
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Classic Millet Mixture 180g (Foxtail and Great Millet Sev Mix)