BEING MORE INDIAN one step at a time every time everyday!

75 years of Independence is a milestone for this beautiful nation, that cannot be expressed in words. It's important our current generation celebrate this special moment more responsibly with a lot of gratitude for the yester generation for leaving us a legacy to take forward.

The first step for most of us is to become MORE INDIAN than ever in whatever way we can as each one of us is actually a true ambassador of this iconic culture.

BEING MORE INDIAN is as simple as respecting our fellow Indians and respecting elders which are our basic cultural values and passing these values to our kids, taking pride of our languages, art, craft, food and culture and support local Indian brands, Indian farmers and all made in India products to imbibe the richness of our tradition to the next generation.

As a responsible Indian good food brand, we urge the current young generation to support local Indian brands that strive to carry the baton of our traditional food and culture to generations ahead.

Sweet Karam Coffee's journey this year gained a whole new momentum by becoming INDIA's HOME FOOD STORE offering 100+ authentic Indian home foods from expert home chefs and home grown brands, prepared with authentic age old recipe inherited from our ancestors, using handpicked ingredients and without any palm oil, artificial colours, chemicals and toxic preservatives.

We wanted to be that GOOD BASKET offering clean good authentic Indian home foods across INDIA from sweets, snacks, coffee, masalas, pickles, papads, instant meal mixes, and more

When you order a product from Sweet Karam Coffee, you just not get a good, clean and chemical free food, but also contribute to the livelihood of all small Indian farmers, home chefs and home grown brands.

Come ! Let's together take a resolve to become MORE INDIAN than ever, one step at a time every time to show our gratitude and celebrate MOTHER INDIA everyday !

Happy Independence day. #JaiHind 🙏

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