Snacking is an essential part of our daily dietary regime. It refers to the practice of eating in between meals. Snacking could be due to various factors such as hunger pangs, low energy levels or lethargy. On might feel like snacking when there is appetising food in sight! No matter what the reason is, snacking can be fun and healthy at the same time if one makes well-informed choices in selecting their snacks. 

More often than not, people confuse snacking with cravings. Food cravings are directed towards a specific food or snack and don’t have much to do with saturating your hunger pangs. It is ok to indulge in your cravings once in a while, but too much of it is not advisable. Snacking, on the other hand, should be articulated into one’s diet plan to ensure that it is working well to boost your energy levels instead of just piling up empty calories. Keeping healthy snacks in proximity to your work desk or in your living room can significantly help you in snacking on healthy food products that will make you sail through your day in a vibrant and energetic way. 

All About Healthy Indian snacks


Snacking isn’t just directed towards filling meal gaps, but there is also a rejuvenating aspect attached to it. You might need some snacks to get through your work day, but you might need them too when you come home after a long and stressful work day. Therefore, it is always a good idea to intermingle health and taste when selecting our snack options. India is a bountiful land known for its rich taste and abundance of flavours. This can be seen in plenty of healthy Indian snacks because they are made up of the best natural ingredients and laced with lip-smacking flavours. 

Importance OF Healthy snacks


There are a lot of benefits that can be attributed to healthy snacks:

  • They will replenish your energy levels 

Healthy snacks aren’t just a good option to satisfy your hunger pangs; they can play a vital role in keeping your energy levels in check throughout the day. At times, if we have. A lot of gaps in between meals due to our hectic work schedule, then we can feel very irritated, which can affect our productivity. Healthy snacking can significantly help in managing this situation. 

  • They are perfect for having post-working out 

If you choose an excellent carbohydrate-rich or protein-rich snack post-workout, it can help you in speeding up the process of muscle recovery. (1) In fact, jaggery and peanut ladoos can be a perfect pre-workout snack also (2) as they can give the necessary spike to your energy levels so that you can have a good workout session. 

  • Healthy snacks are beneficial to people who wish to manage their blood sugar levels

People who suffer from diabetes or have issues in managing their blood sugar levels should definitely keep healthy snack options at different places in their homes. This is because snacking in between meals can help them in keeping their blood sugar levels in check and keep any kind of fluctuation if the same at bay. 

  • Keeping healthy snacks in sight will help in mitigating junk food cravings 

Keeping healthy snack options close to your workspace or in your bedroom or living room will encourage you to opt for those snacks when you feel those midday hunger pangs instead of calorie-dense and unhealthy junk food options.

  • Can enable you to get the necessary nutrients throughout the day 

Sometimes, our main meals cannot provide us with all the necessary nutrients we need throughout the day. In that case, choosing our snacks articulately can help us supplement our body with those missed nutrients. 

Healthy Snacks VS Unhealthy Snacks.

Unhealthy snacks usually have a generous amount of preservatives, artificial colours, sodium and other unhealthy additives infused in them.(3) This might make them taste good, but the effects it can have on your body can be very detrimental. Moreover, the nutrients contained in unhealthy snack options is very limited and they are mostly just calories. Doing your due diligence before selecting snacks for your home or office can go a long way in taking care of your as well as your family’s overall health. If you are someone who likes to snack a lot then keeping an assortment of nutritious snacks to binge while working can be supremely beneficial for you in terms of your health and even weight management. Healthy snacks are often nutrient dense and preservative free and therefore, they are a very good option for you to pamper yourself with quality snacks during the course of your day. 

List OF Healthy Indian Snacks

Healthy Indian snacks are perfect for you if you are a snacking aficionado. They are rich in taste, full of flavour and packed with several health benefits. When we talk about tasty and healthy office snacks or home snacks, then there are primarily four kinds of snacking options that we are referring to. Snacks can be crunchy, creamy, sweet and savoury. It is advisable to keep a stock of snacks from all these categories so that you can indulge in your favorite healthy snack depending upon your mood. 

  • Sweet Karam Coffee’s thinai mul ribbon pakoda is a super healthy and crunchy foxtail snack which will quieten your hunger pangs and tingle your taste buds all at one.
  •  If you have a sweet tooth, then you should try out our peanut and jaggery laddu or moong dal laddu to keep you rejuvenated during a hectic work day. 
  • Our special madras mixture and salted nenthiram chips are the perfect low-fat snacks to carry. 
  • Moreover, if you are looking for the top healthy Indian lunch box ideas then you should definitely try out Kadalai Urandai, seedai and jaggery and coconut barfi squares to keep your child feeling full and energetic throughout the day. 
  • Special madras mixture that contains perfect amount of healthy Raw Rice Flour, Gram Dal, Rice flakes, Ground Nut, Fried Gram, Asafoetida, Chilli Powder, Cashew Nut, Curry Leaves. 
  • Choose from a perfect range of banana chips, jackfruit chips, aloo papdi chips, tomato banana chips


When we talk about healthy snacks then there is an extensive selection in Indian snacks. You can take your pick by browsing through the tasty and homemade snacking options from sweet Karam coffee homemade food store so that you enjoy guilt free snacks online that are delicious, healthy and soulful. 

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