Elai Vadam - The Summertime Showdown

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For most of us, spending summertime at our grandmother’s place meant a lot of things. Delicious food, fun games and exploring the area. We would also have many responsibilities, like helping grandmother with her traditional summertime routine- making Appalams, Vathals and Vadams. We would have to help her spread out the sheets on which the Vadams would dry, spread the vadam dough on plates or leaves and of course get to sample the first batch of vadams for that year and to review its taste. Of course, we wouldn’t be doing much of reviewing as we would start stuffing our mouths with more and more of the vadam.

The specialty of the elai vadam is its super thin size. The moment it hits your teeth it breaks, and the crispy texture gives way for a savoury taste. The Elai Vadam interestingly doesn’t have to deep-fried in oil always. It can even be roasted over an open fire. The end result would still be light and crispy without the oil. Making the Elai Vadam has various ways. A batter could be made into which leaves or sheets could be dipped and dried. Or a pastry dough could be made and spread on sheets. Elai Vadam is made of rice and cumin seed for a little flavour.

Light and crispy the addition of cumin gives the Elai Vadam a unique flavour. The rice gives it a nutty taste. The Elai Vadam goes well with variety rice dishes like Puliyodharai, Lemon rice etc. It would have definitely taken a place in out lunch boxes growing up. The Elai Vadams stacked and tied together would be sent to our loved ones as gifts during random visits. Who doesn’t love to get a pack of homemade Appalams, Vadams or Vathals as a token of love? The next time try gifting someone a pack of these traditional crisps. It never fails to impress.

Sweet Karam Coffee is a proud upholder of tradition. We offer traditional products made with recipes passed down from one grandmother to another. We love to remind us customers of the good old days just like our Elai Vadams and other selections from our Appalams, Vadams and Vathals collection will remind you of the time you spent helping grandmother during summer. If Elai Vadam seems too tame get a hold of our Chilli Elai Vadam to spice up your next meal. Happy Munching!


  • Muthuswami


    August 01, 2020 at 09:19 PM

    Elaine vadam,Elantha vada,poovadam availability and price.

  • N Ravichandran

    N Ravichandran

    August 01, 2020 at 09:19 PM

    Please inform me as to whether thallipu Vadagam is available.

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