India, our motherland is a soil of difference and how! We have multiple geographical features ranging from the freezing 6,000 meters high Himalayan ranges to the blazing deserts of Thar. We have plains, plateaus, mangrove forests and islands all next to one another. We are one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse nations on the planet with 9 major religions, 22 major languages, 720 dialects, and more than 100 different communities or cultures. Each home has customs and traditions that are radically different from the one next to it. We may be one of the few countries where each state speaks a different language with each language having minimum 10 different slangs. To say our country is diverse is an understatement.

But to Indians living in harmony has become a way of life. Since the 70 years of independence, we have quite if not completely succeeded in upholding the motto of our country “Unity and Diversity”. One of the main grounds for equality is the Constitution of India. The Constitution of India has since its inception been altered continuously in an effort to give equal rights and duties to all Indians and to maintain them under one law. And every year the nation commemorates this milestone as Republic Day celebrating equality and brotherhood year after year.

Another common ground that we rejoice is food. India is home to several diverse cuisines and food habits. And we all seem to love eating food from other cultures. Every North Indian loves to wolf down idlis and dosas with sambhar and chutney and every South Indian swoons over North Indian parathas, samosas, chaat, and mithai. We are quick to argue and be opinionated about our ideologies and beliefs but when it comes to food every Indian and every human being for that matter enjoys and explores tastes and flavors from another home and soil. Cuisines like Mughalai, Chettinad, Awadhi, and Malabar are celebrated equally by way of restaurants dinners and home delivery orders.

At Sweet Karam Coffee we are proud to be satisfying our clients not only with our South Indian specialties but also with authentic treats from all over the nation. We offer goodies like Kai Murukku, Wheat Halwa and Athirasam from the South and many more. Let us celebrate the unity of our nation and strive to maintain the brotherhood for centuries to come. Jai Hind!

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