Idli Podi or Milagai Podi is an authentic spice powder from the south of India. A typical spice mix, coarsely grounded, with flavor imbibed in every bite. Off late also referred as the gunpowder of the south, a variant of the famous chutney powder,  

More of a south Indian Origin, most liked as a side dish on steaming hot Idli. (Idly or Idli is a savory rice cake). The taste is beyond imagination, the flavor and aroma get you more craving for another bite, when a little ghee is sprinkled over it.

No matter if its tossing over fresh Idli or the little leftover ones, diced up and seasoned with the Idli Podi, the meal feels so complete. 

The Podi can be accompanied with a Dosa, Roti, Uttapam or dash of a little in the rice meal. Of simple Dals, Chili's, lentils, curry leaves and spices go into the making of this wonderful Idli Podi also offers a good load of health benefits, as we always know the traditional Indian food equally focuses on health and taste too.

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South Indian Dosa and Idli have reached many corners of the world, and the Idli Podi also has accompanied itself all through the journey too. We are very sure, even if your totally new to South Indian delicacies, you must have tried your hands on this flavorful little powder aside, calling for a try.

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 - Article by Varsha Thammaiah