Idli Podi or Milagai Podi is an authentic spice powder from the south of India. A typical spice mix, coarsely grounded, with flavour imbibed in every bite. Off late also referred to as the gunpowder of the south, is a variant of the famous chutney powder,  

More of a south Indian Origin, Podi masala is most liked as a side dish on steaming hot Idli. (Idly or Idli is a savoury rice cake). The taste is beyond imagination, the flavour and aroma get you craving for another bite when a little ghee is sprinkled over it.

No matter if it's tossing over fresh Idli or the little leftover ones, diced up and seasoned with this homemade masala, the meal feels so complete. 

The health benefits of idli are many and when it's combined with podi it becomes even more nutritious to eat. Though traditional Podi can also be accompanied with a Dosa, Roti, Uttapam or dash of a little in the rice meal. Simple organic dals Chili, lentils, curry leaves and spices get into the making of podi. This Podi itself offers a good load of health benefits, as we always know the traditional Indian food equally focuses on health and taste too.


Having homemade idli podi at hand is convenient. We would typically be too busy during the weekdays, especially, to prepare chutney or sambar for idli; however, this idli powder is really simple for us to serve with idli. Idli podi combined with gingelly oil and coated on both sides of the idli makes for the ideal lunchbox and travel food.


Get this delicious homemade masala powder online at Sweet Karam Coffee. Our Idli Milagai Podi is a perfect No Onion/Garlic recipe. We deliver It across India, we make sure that it reaches you at its best with leakproof packing.


Get this crunchy, tasty homemade Podi online, from our website @Sweetkaramcoffee. With the plethora of other spice powders we house, Idli Podi has its significance of its own, as it is most of our favourites, a must-have on many of our plates every day.  As perfectly homemade as it was, in yesteryears, adding in the magic by our home chefs, who have inherited the recipe over tradition and kept it intact and unaltered.


South Indian Dosa and Idli have reached many corners of the world, and the Idli Podi accompanied itself through the journey too. We are very sure, that even if you are totally new to South Indian delicacies, you must have tried your hands on this flavorful little powder aside, calling for a try.

Looking for more spice powders of the south, Sweet Karam Coffee has varieties to offer, all handcrafted and homemade, may it be Rasam Podi, Thengai Podi, Puliyodarai Mix, Chettinad Milagai Podi, why not take home our varieties and relish them every day at home.  You can look for more as per your preference, as we have most of the good old traditional food such as jaggery Sweets, Multigrain Ladoo, Health Mixes, traditional pickles, Instant rice mixes and many more. Thanks to the unwavering love of our customers and varied home cooks, our every product has a classic flavour that transports you to a lovely recollection of your grandmother's homemade food. 

There is a wonderful snack out there for everyone, whether you're a purist who only eats whole foods, a foodie seeking out unusual flavours, or someone with a demanding job. In each region of India, we deliver the best, from the best south Indian Diwali appetizers to customary sweets purchased online.

Take home this home-made happiness from Sweet Karam Coffee homemade food store and make them yours.

 - Article by Varsha Thammaiah

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