Cotton Candies (Panju Mittai) - An Absolute Nostalgia

Cotton Candies (Panju Mittai) - An Absolute Nostalgia


The skies were blue, the Ferris wheel was up high, kids were screeching out of happiness from inside all the rides, young couples were sitting on  the benches and sharing ice-creams, and all I could notice was the cotton candy vendor spinning beautiful pink cotton candies.

It seemed as though he was catching the white cloud from the clear blue sky with a stick and giving it to people. I was fascinated and wanted to taste the candy floss so badly. I went up straight to the vendor, handed over the money and looked keenly at the working of the machine. Damn, it was magical!

The big machine with a small hole in the centre, the vendor puts in a heap of pink coloured sugar into the hole and instantly a spider’s web is formed inside the machine on all sides when the vendor picks it all up into a stick and hands over to me.

With a wide, wide, wide smile on my face, looking at the cotton candy as though it was the most precious thing I had ever seen, took a bite out of it. Oh my! It melts in your mouth. Again, magical. I stood there with my eyes closed literally sensing the taste as though I was the Ratatouille mouse.

Cotton candy never gets old, does it? Even now when I go to wedding receptions, I get to witness the taste of cotton candy. When I go to the beach with my family, I get packets of cotton candy sold by vendors by ringing the bell. 

From holding a stick to holding a container filled with cotton candy in my hands now at home, nothing has changed. When I close my eyes and sense the taste, it still takes me back to the same day.

Cotton candy in a container you ask? Thanks to Sweetkaramcoffee, I can now have cotton candy at home whenever I want to. They have these unique flavors and most importantly, it does not affect my health because it is made of organic sugar.

Here are some simple and innovative ways to use cotton candy at home:

  1. Summer calls for vanilla ice-cream. Put some cotton candy pieces on top of the ice-cream and gulp it.
  2. Make yummylicious milkshakes or thinkchakes with cotton candy, milk, ice cream and the toppings of your preference.
  3. COTTON CANDY AFFOGATOS - Place two scoops of vanilla ice cream over a wide mug and some cotton candy bits on top of it. Now pour hot espresso over this and slurp up!

On top of all this, Sweetkaramcoffee has different flavors for you to choose from and add to your favourite recipe. I still have this amazing memory of mixing up blueberry and strawberry cotton candy in my mouth to see my tongue turn purple.

Available in 4 Different Flavours now (Click here to buy now). 

  • RED VELVET - velvet velvet velvet! I like velvet and velvet likes me too! Check out our new candy floss flavour - the Rocky Red velvet.
  • BLUEBERRY - Bluey monday? Why not destroy the blueness with our new blueberry candy ?
  • STRAWBERRY - Knock Knock! Did you try our authentic pink coloured strawberry flavour candy floss?
  • BUBBLEGUM - ever come across bubblegums that'll melt in your mouth? You will now when you try our new gummy flavoured candy floss.
Let us know your favourite memory of cotton candies in the comments below.


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