Jeera Papad Chips  - Free Shipping Across India
Mini Jeera Papad Pack of 2 (100 g x 2)  - Free Shipping Across India
Mini Jeera Papad -  No preservatives/ artificial additives
Mini Jeera Papad -  No preservatives/ artificial additives
Mini Jeera Papad -  No preservatives/ artificial additives

Jeera Papad Chips

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Bite-sized snack | Pure Veg | Homestyle Traditional Vadams | No Preservatives | No Artificial Colors/ Flavours Added | 200g (Pack of 2, 100g each)

  • Read-to-fry bite-sized homestyle Mini Jeera Papads 
  • Made with premium ingredients - Tapioca, Rice, Edible Common Salt, Cumin seeds
  • Available Packs: 200 g
  • Free from preservatives & artificial colours, and flavours
  • Shelf Life - Can be stored and used for up to 365 days
  • Storage instruction - Store in a cool & airtight container without moisture for maximum freshness
  • Shipping across India & worldwide
  • Crispy papads - Perfect to eat with hot rice or as a quick snack
  • Variants: Mini chilli potato papad | Mini Onion creamy papad | Mini jeera papad | Mini sabudana papad

Packed with the flavour of Jeera (cumin) seeds, these homestyle Mini Jeera Papads have a mouth-watering taste ideal for consumption with hot rice or as a mid-day snack. Made with premium ingredients tapioca, rice, salt, and cumin seeds, these traditional crispy vadams come in a pack of 2, each 100g. Made preservative-free, this crunchy bite-sized papad has no artificial colours or flavours added and stays fresh for up to 180 days when stored in a cool & airtight container.

This Jeera papad is a must-have for any kitchen and can be prepared within a few minutes by frying in oil and made ready to consume. Our Mini Jeera Papads add a delightful & tasty crunch to your food.

If you are looking to purchase internationally or sending to your loved ones, we also offer shipping worldwide.

The star ingredient in these papads is the cumin seeds, which impart a warm, earthy, and slightly nutty flavor that perfectly complements a wide range of Indian dishes. 

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Why Sweet Karam Coffee?

At Sweet Karam Coffee, your satisfaction and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. Each item in our diverse range is crafted with care, ensuring no use of palm oil, maida, preservatives, or additives. 

Celebrate the rich traditions of South India with Sweet Karam Coffee. Whether it’s for a festive occasion or a daily treat, our items are perfect for sharing the joy with family and friends. Place your order today and experience the legacy of authentic and natural flavors with us!

Note from Janaki Paati:

Skip the junk, and not the joy. You are one step closer to making a better snacking choice for you and sustainability by choosing Sweet Karam Coffee. Because my recipes are free from any harmful ingredients. It has no maida, palm oil, preservatives, or additives. Only goodness!

So what are you waiting for? Order our authentic, mini jeera papad online now!



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Super taste with good packing,

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Mini Jeera Papad Pack of 2 (100 g x 2)

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