Kambu (Pearl Millet/Bajra) (Unpolished) 500g.

Pearl Millet (Kambu/Bajra) (Unpolished) 500g

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Order 100% Organic Kambu (Pearl Millet/Bajra) and other Organic Unpolished Millets (Exclusively Vacuum Packed) Online from Sweet Karam Coffee

Sweet Karam Coffee is happy to partner with Namma Nellu to bring 100% organic unpolished millet varieties to your home. (More about Namma Nellu below)

Kambu /Pearl Millet is most widely cultivated variety of millet, produced largely in India. It is known as  Bajra in Hindi.

Kambu/Pearl millet is a high-energy cereal that contains carbohydrates, protein, and fat,  vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, copper, and manganese. 

Other Health benefits of Kambu

  • Loaded with dietary fiber, Kambu is a good grain of choice for diabetic people. It delays releasing the energy into blood stream
  • It promotes good cholesterol and controls bad cholesterol
  • Kambu is rich in antioxidants 
  • Kambu  has cancer preventing properties  and reduces heart problems
  • With high vitamin B content, it is good for digestion especially the breakdown of carbohydrates
  • Kambu satiates hunger as it does not breaks down easily

Kambu has been part of our staple diet since long. Significant percentage of agricultural community in South India takes this as a main dish. A glass of Kambu Koozh with Chinna Vengayam (Shallots), Green Chillies and Pickle is a match made in heaven. This healthy, energizing and refreshing drink has cooling effects in body. Bajra roti is another healthy dish from this millet. This highly versatile millet can be used with any of the Indian dishes.

Including these healthy millets as part of our diet help us to stay in touch with our roots. When we choose organic millets, we are giving back to our society in form of sustainable living. 

About Namma Nellu: 

  • India is endowed with very exceptionally rich biodiversity in rice. So rich that it will take you 500 years to taste all native varieties of rice just once if you eat one rice a day!
  • Since 1995 Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) an NGO has been conserving traditional rice varieties and documenting and researching their agronomic properties.
  • Through the years they have realised that these varieties are important not only for their agronomic properties (flood/drought resistance, pests/disease resistance, suitability to various soil types and ecosystems etc.) but also their value in terms of nutrition, culinary traditions and therapeutic value.
  • The numbers and extent of cultivation of these varieties have been declining sharply and many of these varieties are threatened with extinction.
  • Namma Nellu through Sempulam Sustainable Solutions is involved in helping these farmers market these varieties. Systematic monitoring of organic cultivation of these varieties is ensured. Farmers are paid a premium price at the point of purchase itself. Namma Nellu provides branding and marketing support and ensures the customer organically cultivated traditional varieties.
  • Namma Nellu also procures region-specific rice varieties from across India from genuine organic farmers. Along with its huge range of traditional organic rice varieties, organically cultivated pulses and millets are also procured directly from farmers and supplied to the consumers.
  • During the course of its work for the last 27 years on indigenous seed conservation, the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems (CIKS) has collected more than 100 indigenous varieties of rice suitable for cultivation in Tamil Nadu.
  • Several indigenous paddy varieties have a low Glycemic Index (GI) and this is of crucial importance in a population with a high and increasing incidence of diabetes.

     Organic is not a trend, it is the traditional way to live healthy.


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